Thursday 27 May

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Participating exhibitors will be showcasing their products, innovations and ideas directly from their booth in dedicated 10 minute timeslots from 11:30 – 12:30 on the 27th of May.

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When: Thursday 27 May, 11.30am – 12.30pm

Where: Exhibiton Floor (see stand numbers below)

Participating Exhibitors


Stand no.




Come and learn about our scalable heavy duty BEV solutions including Bladevolt® battery system, 1000Vac chargers and BSOC. What’s a BSOC? Come find out!



ABB contributes to developing much-needed guidance for mine design and equipment innovation and providing solutions to potential mining problems before they occur. Join ABB to learn about the latest technology and infrastructure solutions supporting the digital mine.



In this presentation, we’ll take you through GIM Suite’s web and mobile geological field data collection capabilities for explorers and miners, including an introduction to new tools available soon in an upcoming software release.



AiSpanner™ is data-centric maintenance project management solution that utilises advanced visualisation, analytics, and intelligent resources engine to ensure right work gets done, at right time, with the right tools, materials, and people. The purpose-built platform for all stakeholders provides consistent communication and collaboration at every stage. Connects disparate data to planning and scheduling to reduce risk and maximise productivity.

Aquip Systems


ALIA Non-Nuclear Density Meters provide a new, robust and simplistic measurement principle. Providing no limitations on measurement of slurries with reduced maintenance & calibration requirements.

INGU Pipers® provide easy access to pipeline assets no matter the condition, location, material or configuration. They can inspect steel, flexsteel, HDPE, fiberspar and ductile iron pipes down to 2” diameter. Providing an in line inspection service that identifies wall conditions, deposits and leaks without disrupting operations and production.



Damien Williams, Solutions and Implementation Manager at Auto-mate will talk about
Productivity, Safety and Interoperability. Using a range of interesting analogies, he will
illustrate how (and why) each miner should approach automation to ensure outstanding
outcomes in these areas.



BASF will take you through our Optimisation as a Service Software offering, exploring the synergy between process knowledge, chemistry and advanced analytics (AI).



Wearable Technology: reducing the risk of manual handling injuries.

Industrial exoskeletons by suitX: Wearable devices that can reduce fatigue and the risk from repetitive stress injuries of their user.

Soter Analytics: Wearable solution and an AI-driven coaching program to prevent back and shoulder ergonomic injuries.

Challenge networks


Private LTE has been a game changer for many remote mining operations as the wireless technology of choice, however , like all technologies that have come before, there are limits to what can be achieved. Now with the hype in the consumer market around 5G and the promise of blistering speeds that are being touted by the vendors , we are facing a confused market trying to figure out the difference between marketing and reality. In the context of the miners use cases in a private network setting, this conversation will explore the fundamentals of the science and politics that will likely define how 5G will play a part in the mining operations landscape.

Conveyor Products & Solutions (CPS)


The collaboration between two innovated Australian companies Conveyor Products and Solutions and Vayeron provides the ability to provide 24/7 remotely monitor roller solutions.
The CPS Smart-Roller powered by Vayeron utilises wireless technology to offer continuous roller performance data accessible through an intuitive user-friendly interface.
Collect up-to-the-minute information on shell-wear, carry-back build-up, RPM, temperature and vibration.



Synopsis coming soon.

Dredge Robotics


Visit our stand to learn about our world first robotic dredging technology that can remove accumulated sediment from process tanks without human entry, while they remain in service and fully operational. Find out how our robots thoroughly clean and inspect your lined ponds while they remain online, without risking damage to the liner. Extensively used by major mining companies, this new technology is changing the face of water maintenance in the mining sector.



Taylor McKertich, Industry Manager Mining at Endress+Hauser will guide you through each of the main sub-processes found in the majority of mining processing plants. By demonstrating how to gain additional insights from instrumentation for flotation, thickening, crushing and gravimetric processes, we highlight the practical gains possible in terms of yield and utilisation.

Fire Forensics


We are told that everything is being improved all the time.
• Equipment design is constantly being upgraded.
• Component technology is continually improving.
• Fire protection and suppression engineering is always developing.
So why are there still unexpected fires and ‘thermal incidents’ causing capital losses and business interruptions?
You need answers… WE SOLVE THE PUZZLE!



Steve and Tim will be demonstrating how GreaseBoss verifies your machinery is getting the right grease type, at the the right time, at the right volume

G&G Mining


• What is XMOR™? (Innovative Hardox® products for the Mining and Earthmoving industries / Mining dump bodies & buckets)
• XMOR™ advantages
• How do we achieve these?
   o Design
   o Wear Life and Structural Improvements – Hardox 500 Tuf
   o Environmental and Fuel Improvements – Eco Upgraded
• Pass Matching for true productivity advantages
• What is next – fossil free steel… new XMOR™ products….



Hexagon’s MineProtect portfolio comprises of solutions integrated with our collision avoidance system (CAS), the industry’s leading technology for proximity detection, built on more than a decade’s experience with more than 30,000 units at work worldwide. During the tech talk sessions, learn more about HxGN MineProtect CAS, offering 360-degree proximity detection when traveling at any speed and in all conditions. Together with Hexagon’s Tracking Radar solution, CAS Pro is the basis of our Vehicle Intervention System (VIS), which stops vehicles when an operator doesn’t react appropriately to a CAS Pro warning. VIS is the first solution to automatically recognize hazardous conditions and take control of a vehicle when an operator fails to do so. Also integrated with CAS are an Operator Alertness System for integrated fatigue-detection, alerting, and reporting solution that helps mining machinery operators to maintain the level of attention necessary for long hours and monotonous tasks. Personal Alert is an accident-avoidance device worn by field personnel that ensures 360-degree visibility of pedestrians around heavy equipment. It offers an additional layer of safety to operators and pedestrians who must deal with the daily dangers of blind spots, noise, heavy traffic, and poor visibility.

Hexagon Mining’s integrated solutions make HxGN MineProtect the most comprehensive safety portfolio on the market.

INX Software


With INX Software training module, Identify levels of competency and ensure the health and safety of your workforce. With the new INX Assessor App, digitise your entire practical assessment process.

JWA Oilfield Supplies Pty Ltd


Composite Matting

JWA provides composite matting solutions to the oil & gas, resources, and construction sectors. Heavy-duty composite matting is used to provide temporary access track and work platforms where additional load spreading is required, the ground needs to be stabilised or the site has a cultural heritage and environmentally sensitive access requirements.

The Concentrated Solar Multi-Effects Distillation (CSMED) is a zero-carbon water purification technology that utilises solar energy to dewater and produce clean water for beneficial use. It can treat a wide range of inputs (ranging from tailings, sludge, sewage, and brine) through its multi distiller system and delivers distilled water and dried slurry outputs. The CSMED presents a circular economy solution to revolutionise water management and waste recovery in the resources sector.





Faster, Cheaper, Safer, Rugged: An Australian-first head-mounted-wearable digital-transformation demo.”

“Why and how has wearable technology boomed in 2020/21? Drop-by the Librestream-Realwear booth to find out – and try the very latest and most advanced, safety-focused and head-mounted wearable computing technologies, plus collaboration, knowledge-capture, AI and digitisation software that works wherever miners need to be.



Maptek is leveraging enhanced data integration and new technology such as machine learning, AI and automation to speed up day-to-day mining processes by orders of magnitude. Get an insight into the latest developments in drillhole planning and orebody modelling and analysis which are helping to automate repetitive tasks, increase safety and improve orebody knowledge.



The lessons learned from the technology and operational sides of Big Miners and how those lessons can help others.

Murray Engineering


Head to stall 206 where Murray Engineering is revealing its state-of-the-art Battery-Electric 4WD Mining Vehicle. Featuring the most thermally-stable lithium battery in the world, it enables safe battery operation and delivers ultra-fast recharging. Witness for yourself as Dr Max Ong demonstrates a destructive test of this safe battery in front of a live audience.

Presenting at the Austmine Tech Talks at 11:30am and 12:00pm on Thursday 26th May, you won’t want to miss this exclusive opportunity to see this world class stable battery chemistry being put to the test.

Join Murray Engineering at stall 206 to hear guest speaker; Adam Farrugia, Managing director of Wattrix deliver a new and exciting simulated underground RefugeME Chamber experience at 11:45am and 12:15pm on Thursday 26th May.

Adam has travelled from the east coast to deliver a simulated underground mining situation with the use of a RefugeME underground safety chamber, as part of the Murray Engineering Tech Talks. Adam will facilitate an exclusive experience showcasing the unique technological capabilities of the RefugeME in a simulated underground emergency. Hear firsthand about the innovative technology, superior features and state-of-the-art workmanship the RefugeME underground safety chamber has to offer.



OnPlan’s digital asset management platform seamlessly connects your field, workshop, engineering, and management teams.
This ensures your operation is compliant and work is executed efficiently and safely.
Our solution automates manual processes to save time, reduce errors, and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

During our Tech Talk, Stuart Burckhardt will expand further on the support that OnPlan can offer your operation not only immediately, however, there are substantial longer-term advantages through utilising the platform that can be very beneficial.



Portable XRF and micro-XRF technology are rapid and non-destructive techniques used to quickly acquire qualitative and quantitative elemental data. These instruments can bridge the workflow gap between field data and laboratory assays and speed up data acquisition and interpretation, especially in relation to concrete health and welding verification. Micro-XRF scanning enables the visualization and collection of semi-quantitative chemistry to enable the user to assess the composition, presence, and location of elements of interest. Hand-held portable XRF analysers can deliver easy to interpret, highly accurate and completely non-destructive identification of materials including, metal and welding components (including alloy grade identification and full alloy chemistry), rocks, limestone, and restricted materials to provide rapid sample identification and to improve decision making processes in the field.

Weld Verification, Concrete, Positive Material Identification, Cement, micro-XRF, portable XRF, Metallurgy, Infrastructure

Process IQ


Join our IQ team to learn about how our Milling VIP approach has helped our client achieve a 13% increase in tons processed. Milling VIP is an integrated solution using online instrumentation, advanced control and remote consulting services.



Imagine if machinery could “see”… now what if that machinery could recognize a potential collision and mitigate the hazard. RaptorTech, in partnership with DotNetix, is leading the implementation of intelligent long range camera systems to improve site safety, using Deep Neural Networks (Artificial Intelligence) to give machines the ability to “see” their surroundings and understand obstacles like vehicles and pedestrians.

Real Time Instruments


Real Time Instruments onbelt analysers’ results are used for maintaining product quality and optimising plant efficiencies. RTI is an Australian company producing onbelt analysers which measure the composition of iron ore, coal, nickel, copper and other minerals every minute as they flow along a conveyor belt. Widely used by major mining companies, this new technology is automating plant process control. Please visit our booth to learn more about applications across the mining sector.

Rock Flow Dynamics


Rock Flow Dynamics is a global software company with 250+ employees in 26 offices spread across 30 countries, predominantly servicing hundreds of the largest Oil and Gas companies. This tech talk will showcase the latest geological modelling software “tNavigator” and the technology & innovations it brings to the mining industry. See the latest in machine learning, artificial intelligence, python scripting, production optimization and uncertainty workflow automation.

Rockwell Automation


Ensuring that your OT data has the context needed for Cloud based applications plants realize profit at a faster rate.

Rokeby Technologies


Rokeby Technologies will be demonstrating the innovative Elastotec Magnefast wear panel attachment system. Magnefast wear panels reduce changeout time compared to studded wear panels by up to 80% – this enables increased production output. An added benefit of the Magnefast system is a substantial reduction in OH&S risk for liner changeout.



We will discuss the technology and applications available for IoT Cordless Cap Lamps.

Treat your Cap Lamp as a Personal Wireless Terminal.

Russell Mineral Equipment


Introducing the new THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM Recoilless Hammer series. THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM combines decades of industry experience and new technology advancements to deliver the fastest, most superior solution for mill liner bolt removal.

The new range includes a THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM 2000 Recoilless Hammer, THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM 1000 Recoilless Hammer, THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM Power Pack and THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM Mobile Jib.  

RME Product Manager for THUNDERBOLT Products, Christian Kramer, will present on the features and benefits of the THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM range including showcasing a THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM 2000 on the stand.



Stockholm Precision Tools (SPT) 


• What are the Gyroscope survey tools?
• Principles and terminology used in gyro surveys.
• How to check the accuracy of your Gyro tools?
• How is SPT improving the borehole survey accuracy in mining exploration?



TOKN Sense is powered by the award winning TOKN Enterprise Platform. TOKN Sense runs on open standards to connect your enterprise without restriction. Use sensor data to drive real time decision making and proactive actions to improve asset health, cash flow, safety and more.

TOKN Sense opens up an array of sensory data for your business. You can track where your workers are moving, mitigate maintenance needs and much more, all from one location. With all of this data available instantly on the TOKN Sense Console Dashboard, you are able to better view and analyse events as they happen.

Tutris VReddo


Mining is an industry with wild problems & challenges. Leveraging tech to tame these into safe and productive workplaces is the opportunity. Join the TUTIS VReddo Tech Talk to learn how Virtual Reality and Cloud based workforce training and compliance software can combine to ensures safe service delivery, with actionable people insights across skillsets, competencies, training interventions and authorisation/access control.

Zero Automotive



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