Javier A. Orellana

Senior Business Consultant, Digital Transformation, Rockwell Automation

Dynamic, experienced and high performing Digital Transformation Consultant with exceptional insights into the needs and requirements of clients and businesses, capable of identifying opportunities and developing innovative business solutions to optimise outcomes and maximise productivity. Extensive experience in business transformation, process improvement, project management, training & assessment and continuous improvement gained from numerous years of experience within diverse business settings. Recognised for excellence and effectiveness in delivering innovative business and technology improvements, organisational change and capability development that surpass industry standards in productivity and efficiency. Equipped with superior communication and stakeholder engagement capabilities as well as exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills. A proactive leader skilled in transforming teams, delivering sustainable results, forging productive relationships, coordinating overall strategy and propelling an organisation to higher peaks of success.

Javier’s background in technology, digital transformation, process engineering, process control, process modelling and optimisation have played a key role in the integration of advance process control methods and approach for process improvement and optimization using Schneider Electrics automation solutions. as well as provide technical support in the validation and testing. Further, Javier deep knowledge of technology and data integration/management have enabled Javier to help business to better leverage digital system to deliver tangible business value.

Over his career, he has been active in the fields of technology, engineering education and process control, both in academia (School of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, The University of Sydney) and industry. Javier has presented conference papers at professional meetings of CHEMECA, UICEE Annual Conference on Engineering Education, International Conference on Information Technology Based Higher Education & Training and IICA.