Courtney Christensen

Geotechnical Engineer, Newcrest Mining

Courtney joined Newcrest in January 2017 as a Graduate Geotechnical Engineer and has worked across multiple sites including Cadia Valley Operations (CVO), Lihir Gold Mine and Telfer Gold Mine’s open pit operation. She has been involved in numerous projects which include a ground support rehabilitation program following a large seismic event (CVO); a tracking system to monitor the cave back position and cave flow for mitigating air blast risk (CVO); a pre-feasibility study for reducing temperatures to safely mine in future mine areas (Lihir); slope design optimisation (Telfer); and integrating laser scanning technology into everyday tasks (Telfer).

Courtney received the 2020 Newcrest Living Our Values award for Innovation and Problem Solving for her transformation of the wall compliance process at Telfer which has improved safety, reduced turn-around time and increased transparency with the Open Pit Contract. This has been achieved by integrating laser scanning technology into the process which delivers millimetre accuracy from over a kilometre away. This initiative has a forecast cost saving potential of more than $1 million per annum.