Speaker Interview: Peter Bradford, IGO (Independence Group)

Utilising innovative technology to fast-track both the exploration and exploitation of mining sites is the key to success in the modern age, according to Independence Group (IGO) Managing Director and CEO, Peter Bradford.

Austmine sat down with Peter to get an understanding of some of the drivers of change and the new technologies being implemented successfully by IGO to improve site productivity and outcomes.

Highlights include:

  • The challenge of exploring deeper and larger
  • Opportunities for autonomy in mining & haulage
  • What makes the NOVA mine one of the most exciting in Australia

It has been stated that ‘exploration and discovery is core to the IGO DNA.’ With regards to this, what have been some of the key drivers of change and new technologies utilised in this space in recent years?

From an industry point of view and as it relates to IGO, the biggest challenge is exploring deeper search spaces around our mining activities, so that’s a challenge, and to meet that challenge what we’ve done is explore in some very large areas. We’re exploring under cover, with anything from 20 to 150 metres of sand that we have to look through to understand what the geology is doing. So, we’re adopting all of the latest geophysical and geochemical tools to do that, but there is nothing in what we are doing that is too unique, but I think it’s fair to say that we are fast followers. That geophysics, especially EM (electromagnetic), has been a strong suit of IGOs for many many, years, and at various times we’ve been fast followers as we are today, or have been leading edge, and have been developing EM technology in house in collaboration with some of the academic institutions.

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