Speaker Interview: George McCullough, Interlate

Real-time data analysis is proving to be a point of difference for Brisbane based Interlate, and according to the company’s Director of Strategy, George McCullough, this live reaction to changes in the value chain provides outstanding results.

Recently Mr. McCullough explained to Austmine how Interlate is integrating their platform with the operations teams of mines around the country, and detailed how Interlate’s systems work to identify potential efficiencies.

Highlights include:

  • The importance of live data and historical context
  • Human factors amidst digital and automation changes

The data revolution is sweeping the mining sector, with Interlate at the forefront of the charge, taking a holistic view of the complete value chain for mines.

By not only looking at live data, but also historical information, as well as the context of a given mine’s processes, Interlate provides around the clock feedback to operations teams in real time.

While there may not necessarily be anything fundamentally wrong with the procedures of a given operation, Interlate’s systems work to find possible efficiencies that can significantly impact on productivity, or operating costs. The company estimates that of the 1,400 mineral processing plants globally, improvements are possible in 70% of those facilities.

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