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Interview > Dr Vanessa Guthrie, Minerals Council of Australia

Posted on April 11th, 2017 in Speaker Interviews

Australian mining today is embracing a technological revolution. Yet there are still barriers to the industry taking full advantage of a high-tech future. Collaboration between the mining equipment, technology and services sector (METS) and miners remains immature and Australia’s productivity is paying the price. We caught up with Dr Vanessa Guthrie, Chair of the Minerals Council of Australia to hear about some of the biggest problems and opportunities for Australia’s mining and METS industries.

Interview highlights include:

  • The one thing miners should be doing differently when interacting with METS companies and the one thing METS firms should be doing differently when dealing with miners
  • How the resources industries and METS firms can collaborate more effectively to solve problems facing particular companies and the industry as a whole
  • The importance of technological innovation keeping Australian resource industries competitive
  • What will the most important skill sets be another two decades into the future and what skills future miners need to have
  • The most interesting technological innovation in the past couple of years