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Digital transformation is rapidly changing the mining industry around the world, bringing with it opportunities to improve safety, boost productivity and increase efficiency. However, the digital age also brings the threat of cyber-attacks and crime, the consequences of which have been seen in financial markets, the government sector and industrial operations. 

This eBook features cyber security experts from Accenture, Jacobs, EY, Willis Towers Watson and Austmine’s Business Advisor Dale Thompson. It provides a picture of the current landscape of cyber crime and security procedures in the mining industry, before exploring the strategies that mining and METS companies can utilise to safeguard critical equipment and information. 

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Austmine 2019


Smart mining starts with mine and plant design. Our industry is moving into the next generation of its existence and seeing a significant increase in the influence of trends and technologies, including the Industrial Internet of Things, small footprint mining, machine learning, automation, alternative energy sources, block chain and many others.

This eBook features some of Austmine’s members who have decades of experience in leading the way in mine and plant design. You’ll hear from world-renowned EPCMs, cutting edge software providers and inspirational educators on what’s coming next in the world of mine and plant design.

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A successful and sustainable mining industry requires operators and suppliers to leave a small footprint on the local environment and community. As pressures continue to build on mining companies from a range of sources, it is critical that management take a holistic view of the mine site and the community that it operates within, identifying opportunities to reduce waste and emissions, lower energy and water consumption and create positive social impacts on key stakeholders.

This eBook features some of Austmine’s members who are leading the way in the pursuit of the future small footprint mine. You’ll hear from cutting edge software providers, expert consultants in the field and inspirational innovators on their vision of sustainable and successful mining operations.

The eBook starts by taking a holistic view of the mining operation and how we can take a small footprint approach at each stage of this. We then delve into the use of data to improve decision making at operations with environmental and social information utilised.Finally, we highlight some key technologies impacting the tailings and water management space, two areas in need of innovation for a sustainable future.

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