Conference themes

At Austmine 2021 we will continue to progress the innovation conversation with a focus on Harnessing Intelligence, exploring the importance of optimising the interaction between people, processes and technology across the mining value chain.

Through harnessing our collective intelligence, we can take the industry to new heights previously unexplored, from unmatched technological breakthroughs to developing capabilities for the far reaches of space. 

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Harnessing Intelligence

Creating a Sustainable

The power of Data

Optimising Connectivity

Harnessing Intelligence

Harnessing intelligence is not just about leveraging data and information, but rather it focuses on optimising interactions between humans and machines. As intelligent systems and new technologies develop at a rapid pace, ensuring that the right people and processes are engaging with it will drive value into the future.

Creating a Sustainable future

For mining, bigger is not always better, and we must collectively work throughout the value chain to shrink our footprint and embrace the opportunities that will deliver a zero-impact future.

The smart mine is the foundation for a zero impact future, with technology leveraged to identify orebodies, separate value from waste, reduce disturbance to communities and power operations from renewable sources.

Related sessions will explore the blueprints for zero harm in the mine of the future, showcasing the potential of the zero-impact future and highlighting the key innovators driving the sustainability of the industry.

The Power of data

As mining delves further into the digital age businesses throughout the value chain are suffering from an information overload. The vast range of data and information sources both internal and external to organisations can be difficult to navigate, but the benefits can be immense.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital simulation, augmented reality – we have all come across these terms recently, but how are they applied to mining? What impact could they have on the industry’s future?

Austmine 2021 will feature the key innovators and emerging businesses developing the systems and technologies to take us into a new digital era.

Optimising Connectivity

Digital transformation is engulfing mining, but technology is only effective with a robust platform to be driven from.

The unique nature of mining creates significant challenges for connectivity, but advances in communications infrastructure and technology is establishing the building blocks for mines of the future.

Austmine 2021 will explore the advancements in communications infrastructure and technology that are enabling data-driven operations to be powered autonomously and from a remote operating centre hundreds of kilometres away.

“An exciting look at the technology for tomorrow's mine.”

Business Development Manager, Haver Australia