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Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Registration and Coffee

The Next Horizon

CEO'S Opening and Welcome

Christine Gibbs Stewart, CEO, Austmine 

Opening Keynote: The Sky's the Limit

Disruption is Here: How Will We Harness it?

First to be First: Transforming the Mining Chain through Cutting Edge Technology

Delivering the Mine of The Future

Finding Innovative Solutions to Mining's Big Challenges

Official Opening of Exhibition and Morning Tea

Intelligent Equipment: Earth Shattering Technologies

The Many Benefits of a Scalable Mine

Mining Smarter with Advanced Technology

Talking Trucks: Integrated Communication Between Remote Diagnostics, Sensors and Automation

Going Ultra Deep with the Use of Cutting Edge Technologies

Longwall Automation Technology: Moving the Earth through Cold War GPS Systems and Wi-Fi

Drones, Trains and Trucks: Stopping at Nothing to Move the Earth

To Space and Infinity: The Technology that is Taking Us to the Next Frontier

Exhibition and Lunch

Operating the Ultimate Underground Mine

Operating the Ultimate Open-Cut Mine

Embracing Innovation in an Underground Mine

Embracing Innovation in an Open Cut Mine

Safe is Never Boring when Reaching for Zero Harm

A New Landscape: Building a Mine with Driverless Trucks in Mind

Block Caving: Underground Mining's Answer to the New Age Mine?

Blasting into the Future with Low-Density Explosions

Enhancing Productivity with the Latest Geotechnical Advancements

Intelligent Mining: Wireless and Machine Telematics in Autonomous Drill Downs

Delivering and Measuring Success in Autonomous Drilling

Leveraging UAV'S to Enable your Workforce's Decision Making

Efficiency Through Technology: No Lunch or Break for Underground Autonomous Drills

Panel Discussion: Preparing for Future Trends in Open-Cut Mining

Panel Discussion: Preparing for Future Trends in Underground Mining

Exhibition and Afternoon Tea

The Human Element of Technology: The Embers that Light Innovation

The Reality of Working Together in an Open Collaboration Relationship

How to Invest in Innovation in the Current Economic Environment

The New Classroom: Augmented, Virtual and Simulated Reality

What do Mining Companies Look for in a New Solution or Technology?

The Ideal Mine: Innovation and Technology Pitch Battles

Leveraging Mining's Capacity for IIot Projects to Attract a New Workforce

Lighting a Fire Underneath Innovation: Creating a Culture of Ideas

Panel Session: Leading the Charge for Creating Change

End of Day one and Networking Drinks for all Attendees

Industry Leader's Dinner and Awards

This agenda and program is subject to change and the session topics are indicative only.