Austmine 2019 is taking place on 21-23 May at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. Extra early bird rates will apply until 17 December – get in quick!



Here are the conference themes for next year, don’t miss out on what will be the biggest and best Austmine yet!

Intelligent Equipment: Earth Shattering Technologies – Gain insight into how intelligent equipment can take us to the next frontier, including autonomous heavy vehicles, sensors, drilling and AI.

The Human Element of Technology: The Embers that Light Innovation – Understand how companies are enabling their workforce to create a culture of ideas and processes in order to embrace new solution thinking.

Analytics, Data and Security: The Changing Winds – Discover how the latest developments in digital efficiencies, analytics and data systems are leading the change to the industry.

Integration and Connectivity: A Breath of Fresh Air -Unearth the latest in digital innovations challenging the status quo of the industry and taking us to a fully connected mine.

Striving Towards Sustainability: Sea Change is Coming – Learn how the industry is striving towards sustainability with the adoption of new technologies, renewable energy sources and, world class processes for water and waste management.