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22 May 2017

14.00 – 17.00


Cost: FREE to attend however, final delegate selection rests with METS Ignited Australia.

Accessing Innovation

A key to success in today’s complex and competitive market is the ability to create new products and deliver new services which exceed customer expectations, with the business processes in place to meet demand efficiently. Innovation is essential for keeping your business a step ahead, but how do you fund research and development, and where can you source it if you do not have the in-house capability to do it all yourself?

Australian universities and research organisations are a unique source of new ideas and technologies, and can be engaged to help you and your business find innovative solutions to help keep you competitive. Many of Australia’s top research organisations have a proven track record in assisting the mining sector. They have helped business address issues such as: treating minerals with naturally occurring radioactivity; developing cheaper, safer and more effective methods to drill; analysing and targeting deep mineral deposits; finding more effective ways to analyse conventional and unconventional resources pre-drill; and developing sophisticated underground simulation technology. Whether your need is technical, operational or something completely less conventional, there is a good chance that there is a research team somewhere in Australia who can help you.

As such, METS Ignited and Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia (KCA) have prepared a workshop exploring the opportunities for mining equipment, technology and services (METS) companies to connect with public sector technology providers to deliver new products to meet the changing market.

See examples of successful collaboration in action, find out where to access resources, discuss collaboration and commercialisation with the panel of national leaders in the METS, mining and research sectors, and network with teams of researchers to discuss opportunities.

This workshop is ideally suited to METS companies interested in funding programs through the METS Ignited Project Fund, senior leaders and those interested in development new technology.


14:00     Welcome and introduction – METS Ignited

14.10     Case studies – KCA

14.40     Public researchers – university snapshot – KCA

15.10     What are the funding opportunities available? – KCA

15.25     Applying for the METS Ignited Project Fund – METS Ignited

15.40     Panel Discussion

16.40     Networking

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