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Rio Tinto has enriched Australian life for more than 100 years and today more than 200,000 people count themselves as shareholders of Rio Tinto Limited. Australia is home to around half of their global assets, producing iron ore, coal, bauxite, alumina, aluminium, uranium, diamonds and salt from more than 30 operating sites and processing plants around the country.

MiningIot is a collaboration involving some of the world’s leading mining consultants and technology vendors, delivering innovative and pragmatic Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to the global mining industry that help to address common industry challenges.

They are the result of feedback from mining companies requesting complete end-to-end technology solutions backed by industry professionals with actual mining experience. Their vision is to deliver pragmatic solutions that address real mining challenges through advanced and emerging technologies.

They are innovators not inventors, bringing together proven technologies with tried and true methods based on actual mining industry experience. They know what works and what doesn’t. In short, they cut through the technology hype and offer true business value.

MiningIoT start small, they listen and learn fast, focusing on outcomes, they bringing capability, technology and experience with a modern approach to traditional challenges. Meet the team of mining industry professionals with years of onsite experience backed by pragmatic technology specialists and scientists that deliver solutions today, not visions of tomorrow.

PETRA Data Science assists mining companies turn data into real-time predictive algorithms that prevent downtime and optimise operations. Our industry proven algorithms are developed and tested by engineers with a combination of over 40 years mining experience. With runs on the board, these algorithms are providing real-time predictive intelligence on mine sites across the world:

  • Developed virtual stockpiles for a pit to plant study to optimise blended stockpiles for plant performance.
  • Applied dynamic time warping and machine learning to predict pump pressure spikes.
  • Algorithm to predict SAG mill overloads resulting in downtime (real-time warnings)
  • Predict plant performance using historical blended stockpile data.
  • Big data mine to mill study identified opportunities to optimise drill and blast to improve SAG mill performance.
  • Multifactor analysis of truck dispatch data identified characteristics of the best operators.
  • Optimise primary crusher feed rate and start-up speed for variable weather, fragmentation and ore type.
  • Automated drawpoint fragmentation assessment using machine learning AI.

Contact Petra Data Science:
P: 1800 0 PETRA
E: info@petradatascience.com
W: www.petradatascience.com

Siemens has been in Australia and New Zealand for 144 years and now employs about 2,000 people. Our technology can be found behind the scenes supporting critical infrastructure, and almost every industry. Significant industries ranging from oil and gas to mining, roads and rail, food and beverage, manufacturing, buildings and construction, pharmaceuticals, water and energy utilities and even the latest wind farms being built in South Australia all rely on Siemens technologies. With a global view on the trends and changes affecting the world now and in the future, Siemens actively supports local industry, governments and stakeholders to understand and prepare for key changes such as the 4th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), the transition to ‘intelligent infrastructure’ and the transition to a ‘sustainable energy’ future.

Contact SIEMENS:
T: 137 222
E: mining.au@siemens.com
W: www.siemens.com.au

Minetec is the only mining solutions provider globally which offers a single platform for safety and productivity solutions. With us, mine operators have the ability, for the first time in history, to leverage a return-on-investment (ROI) from a lifesaving solution.

The Department of Industry, Innovation & Science consolidates the Australian Government’s efforts to drive economic growth, productivity, and competitiveness by bringing together industry, innovation, resources and science.


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